This Marching Girl Thing

Baton twirling in Australia? In 1994 Kelly Simpson’s (director) graduating Victorian College of the Art film entered the little known baton twirling competition environment and placed Toni Collette, Matt Day and Jenny Apostolou amongst non actors who were indeed baton twirlers.
Cut on 16mm the edit room was a mixture of laughs, choreography, emotional highs and lows and eventually a film that dealt with the comedy and drama of sequins, competition and the confusion of love.
This was where I learnt it isn’t a great idea to let an actor see a rough cut.  This is not to say actors aren’t smart savvy people. But a rough cut still needs to be refined and so they are seeing their work not in its best possible state. They have agreed to put themselves out there for all to see so of course they want to see their best work there on the screen.