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X (M) could have been a standard thriller but the edit blasts the viewer out of complacency early on. With its indie 1970s feel it’s a slice of Kings Cross you hope you never encounter.  X is an erotic thriller where Holly, an experienced high class call girl and Shay, a street walker new to the game find themselves pursued by a violent thug.

The edit is a mash of the standard and the unexpected allowing the different pulses to lift the film out of the ordinary.  Jon (Hewitt – director) intended it to be left of field and together we chipped at it, cleaving dialogue, snapping the violence while stripping it back with sometimes the barest of coverage.  This drama was a single camera shoot captured over 20 nights on the streets in and around Darlinghurst Road, the last remnant of the Kross.

Shooting on the streets had its challenges.  While the actors moved amongst the throng the punters were barrelling the camera, hovering or double taking as they moved around the crew or actor.  It couldn’t have been any other way. The location anchors the noir to its roots.

Nominated 2013 AACTA award – Best Editing of a feature film.

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