One Night


One Night is the raw exploration of 5 different women over one boozy, drug taking, sex seeking night. The edit is snap cut relying on the actor’s performances as there are very few words proffered.

Alexandra (Schepisi – director) intended the driving audio to be the music score. The edit until the final few days was cut without it. I did use some temp music for the nightclub dance floor but that was it. My focus was the emotion and story elements as the script skipped between moments of the mundane to comedy to pathos to indulgence to oblivion.
It is a rare portrayal of 5 young women. Clearly people have found it offensive. Are we so politically correct we can’t stand the mirror of excess? One Night proves if you have a strong script, great cast, an experienced crew and a director with a particular intent it’s going to rock.

Best Editing 2010 St Kilda Film Festival

You can down load it from itunes for $1.99 US. Please note it is R rated.

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