Merchant of Fairness

Merchant of Fairness is the last feature I cut on film. I miss the tactile nature of the editing process that gave you a moment to think as the steenbeck wound the film back to slice the picture and sound where the chinagraph mark indicated. I look forward to the day we edit by a “touch screen” where we move images around using our hands whilst standing. (Think Minority Report)
Merchant was where I learnt to support for the director (Shane Luther) who was also the lead actor. It required me to be on set and I was happy to do so giving suggestions when asked and opinions when sort while trying to assemble the edit. Fortunately the edit suite was near most of the locations so it was a matter of walking down to the set of the day then returning to look at rushes later in the day.
The drama is an ensemble piece with a bookstore as the focal point. Amongst the usual suspects that invade the space a stranger Danielle appears seeking to reveal a truth not spoken. It was exciting to juggle the various story threads while maintaining the mystery of Danielle’s core thread wasn’t lost.