Restoration (M) is a science fiction TV pilot/web series was a challenge to ensure the audience could maintain the emotional connection to the characters while explaining the science of a recognisable near future as the story jumped backwards and forwards in time following 3 versions of one person. OMG!

Very early on I decided to cut the drama as a continuous piece even though the breaks for the web series had been defined in the writing. For me it meant we could build the energy of the cut as Oliver’s situation spirals out of control to the final creepy scene.

A self financed project Restoration was a single camera shoot with multiple takes with a mountain of incidental visual effects to be included. Stu Willis (director) and I interrogated ever angle and story element; considered and nuanced every emotional beat with much discussion as to the repercussions of those decisions on the overall story arcs.

Add the luxury of being able to roughly shoot additional ideas thanks to the generosity of DOP Hugh Turral and the actors; edit the material in to see how the proposed scenes or extra shots could strengthen the core premise or heighten the emotional tension and then go shoot it for real was a bonus.

The effort by all involved has been recognised with a swag of nominations and several of wins over the last year.

Nominated: 2016 Australian Screen Editors Guild’s Awards for Best Editing in a Drama Non Feature.


You can watch it in Australia currently on 9now and Stan.