The Man Who $ouled the World


The Man Who $ouled the World (R18+) is hyper sliced.  Shot on HDV and cut as SD16x9 enabled digital zooms into and around the interview footage.  Add animation, cool multiple layers, jump cuts, speedups, zoom and pushed transitions, and you have a visual feast produced from an eight month edit.
There were over 300 hours of Pal/NTSC footage, a hundred plus interviews, HI-8 archival skate footage – some never seen before, hundreds of board graphics, thousands of photos, stickers,
advertisements and magazine articles smattered with famous faces.
The material was reduced into a blistering 90 minute introduction to World Industries aka Steve Rocco and the personalities involved in the beginnings of street skating.
It’s an inside look at how, by the seat of Rocco’s pants and bravado, World Industries spawned manic creativity that gave birth to many skate company’s, skaters, art, Jackass, and Spike Jones while turning the industry on it head and shaking the coins out of the large corporations of the early 90s.

Best Editing 2008 – X-Dance Action Sports Film Festival Utah USA.


You can download it for £1.89