G&G street

darklovestory is an edit of journey where exploring, pushing and bending the material Jon (Hewitt – director) and I have discovered an entirely new film. It took time. Six years with long breaks in between; him in Sydney me in Melbourne but the end result is definitely worth it.
Over one night in Kings Cross a prostitute, Angel tries to get out from under and escape to a better life with her lover Gil.
My favourite moment of discovery was in a gruesome scene where a bent cop carves up a partially seen body with a chainsaw. It was a scene that gave me grief due to the blood splatter and pulses weren’t in time with the chainsaw action. I was over it late one night and jitter cut it – lots of one frame cuts overlaid over a different size shot of the same action. Finally I found something that energized the carving while heightening the menace of the blood soaked cop and the horror of the act itself.
darklovestory has screened in some festivals as a work in progress but remains in limbo as money is needed to finish the sound post.

Best Film Melbourne Underground Film Festival 2006

Puchon International Fantastic Film Festival 2009
Perth International Film Festival 2009