Everynight…Everynight  (MA+15) was my first feature.  A stark prison film based on Ray Mooney’s play.  Initially I was supposed to work on the sound edit but at the rough cut screening I was so excited I couldn’t help myself and made some picture suggestions to the director Alkinos Tsilimidos.  A week later he asked me to help him finish the picture cut.
If Al was sitting on the porch smoking when I arrived in the morning I knew we would be re-editing the work done the day before.  With a 2:1 ratio it’s hard to believe there were options but there was always something to reconsider and strengthen.
For 2 months we cut on a four plate steenbeck ie: one picture and one sound track moving to a six plate steenbeck which had a second sound head so I could overlap the dialogue for the last 30 minutes of the film – what I call the opera – where the drama builds to the riot by the prisoners locked in their cells.
5 months was spent on the sound edit/design and mix involved cutting and laying up tracks of 16mm mag stock, recording sounds at the Castlemaine Goal, and a 6 day mix that grew to being 6 weeks with 60 tracks of dialogue, fxs, foley, atmospheres and a smattering of Paul Kelly’s original music.  All for a mono optical strip down the 16mm black and white print.  There wasn’t the budget for the Dolby licence at the time.

Montreal World Film Festival 1994
Venice International Film Festival 1994
Awarded Prix De Montreal for best first feature film 1994 Montreal World Film Festival.

Melbourne International Film Festival